Patrick Sérole, coiffeur haut de gamme à Roanne


« Experienced hairstylist, having worked for top brands in the hairdressing industry, I hold myself and others to high standards. I am approachable and communicate calmly, openly, and sincerely. I strive to exceed my clients’ expectations »


« As a hairstylist, my passion for this profession has been ingrained in me since forever. My primary goal is to contribute to the well-being of each client alongside Patrick. I am attentive, ambitious, and dedicated to providing attentive care to everyone who entrusts their appearance to me at Maison Patrick Sérole. »


« I am starting as an assistant to support Patrick, to learn, and to evolve in the world of hairdressing. I am a reliable and highly determined person. I have chosen this path because I love taking care of people. Just like Patrick, I will ensure you spend a great time at the salon. »


« As the man behind the scenes, I am responsible for managing the digital image of Maison Patrick Sérole. This includes the website, social media, as well as photography and videography for the salon. It is paramount for me to support Patrick in his project and ensure that his digital image and online presence accurately portray his exceptional talent. »