Take advantage of a 30-minute consultation dedicated to your hair needs: color, highlights, cut, treatments, ritual advice, and much more.

We will address all your questions and provide holistic advice, considering all aspects of your personality. Our expertise will be at your service to guide you in choosing the best tailored look and also your personalized hair care ritual, by reviewing together the best practices and gestures to adopt when using your products.


The tailor-made advice

without any hairstyling service

To ensure a smooth consultation process, please note the following:

• For consultations providing advice only, there will be charges.

• However, during your first salon visit for a hairstyling service, the consultation will be offered.

• If you have already scheduled a paid consultation appointment, this amount will be deducted from your bill during your first salon visit for a hairstyling service. »

To ensure an optimal consultation via video call, please consider the following:

• Choose a quiet location for your call.

• Opt for a well-lit room, preferably with natural light.

• Ensure you have a stable internet connection.

• Please adhere to your appointment time. In case of any delays from our end, you will be notified in advance.

• During video consultation, the tactile element of hair examination will not be present, which could alter the recommendations provided during your salon visit.

The video call will be conducted via WhatsApp, and we will contact you directly at the agreed-upon time for your appointment.