My story ?

I started working in Roanne and participated in many competitions. And then, my passion increased tenfold when I worked for major luxury and high-end international hairdressing houses. Their training with the best experts, allowed me to reveal my talent and also sublimate the beauty of each woman.

My character traits?

I am demanding of myself and of others. I am accessible and I communicate calmly, frankly and sincerely. I make sure to satisfy my clients beyond their expectations.

My style?

Rather Urban Chic Casual. I take pleasure in making each visit theatrical, so that my clients remember their beauty experience.

My specialty?

Take on the challenge.

My favorite product?

All and none. The most important thing is a suitable product.

The relationship with my clients?

Without taboo.

What do I like?

The smile of a customer leaving the salon, or that of one who returns a month later, with her hair still done as well.

What do I hate?

That a woman does not feel unique when she is in the salon.

A successful haircut is…

…meticulous finishing touches, where you feel that the hairstylist is living his own haircut. But also that the customer can reproduce her hairstyle at home.