Scientific studies have observed that newborns experience rapid hair growth for a brief period after birth. This acceleration is attributed to the absorption of maternal colostrum, often referred to as the baby’s first vaccine.

These investigations have led to the development of the Vello product range, an innovative solution crafted in the Ybera Paris laboratories to effectively combat hair density loss and hair fall while revitalizing hair fibers through the Alfa-Lactobaby technology. The latter, a flagship ingredient of the Vello range, acts as an effective anti-hair loss treatment, promoting scalp oxygenation, strengthening and nourishing the hair bulb, as well as the entire hair shaft.

Also intended for individuals facing alopecia, the Ybera Vello treatment is presented as a cure to be carried out in-salon every 15 to 17 days. It is recommended to undergo this treatment for at least 3 months, ideally 6 months, for optimal results, including the possibility of regrowing hair and strengthening its structure.

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