Today Maison Patrick Sérole is celebrating its first anniversary! Here is the first surprise: a collection that is not a collection!

Who said you have to follow a collection? This year, Maison Patrick Sérole created its “PARA-COLLECTION”: each woman is unique, and must therefore wear her own trend! The Maison Patrick Sérole team will help you find your own collection! Be unique, be yourself!

Hairstylist: Patrick Sérole
Assistant hairstylist: Joana
Models: Barbara, Elodie Witt, Manon Stbs
Hair coloring: Moroccanoil
Accessories: Concept Optique Roanne
Music: Leonell Cassio – The Paranormal Is Real (ft. Carrie), AlishaMusic – High Reels, AlexiAction – Cyber War from Pixabay
Video production and post-processing: Sergiu Curelea / Curelea.NET